1% Better – Walking

I walked every day last week! It was my second week in a row to hit my 1% goal, which is surprising and gratifying. I’ve had so many doubts that I could stick with even small things for a week straight, and walking every day for an average of 45 minutes a day wasn’t a small feat. But it’s possible! I’m also doing the design work, and I’ve noticed I’m spending more time thinking through the design of several projects I have in my head that haven’t yet made it to paper/manifested into work. I started out thinking I couldn’t design at all right now.

This week I’m shifting a bit and my goal is to meditate every day this week. I’ve heard a lot about the benefits and I’ve dabbled a bit, but I’ve not been able to start engaging with it, so I am taking the opportunity of Audible’s free for members guided meditation series and am listening to that this week. I’m not including other efforts in this weeks’ 1% goal because this feels really challenging by itself, but I don’t see it as a reason to not walk/exercise/design, I just want to keep things simple and achievable for where I am right now – which is still needing things to be small, simple and achievable even if I have a massive meltdown (cause those are still happening).

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