I chose to not drink last night. I didn’t go out. I didn’t stuff my face or whip up an Insta-worthy plate of food. I was asleep by 10 and woke up late this morning. No first day hikes, no getting outside, no parade watching.

I didn’t fear missing out.

I didn’t fear not being enough or not being seen or not having fun or properly celebrating or sending messages to all of my friends at midnight.

For everyone who was so glad to do all or any of that last night and who experienced true enjoyment, that makes me happy. It wasn’t going to do that for me, so I tossed aside the expectations that can be crushing for me and fell asleep despite the constant explosion of fireworks in the neighborhood.

It was good to rest. I think I’ll keep doing that today. I need it.

5 thoughts on “My NYE: Zero FOMO

    1. Oh thanks! They are so fun – it was what I did instead of going out. I have disco on my hands and toes! I think that’s a nice way to enjoy, no need to start the year with a lot of social pressure if that’s not what’s comfortable for you.

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