Bootstraps Required

Turns out I didn’t have any pictures of my boots, so everyone will have to use their imagination here.

I think there is absolutely a time and place, a necessity and a deservingness of being kind to yourself in a calm, easy and non-pushing way. Sometimes you just don’t have anything left in the tank and it’s best to acknowledge that and accommodate it. Sometimes anxiety and depression are so overwhelming that you need rest and comfort.

Sometimes you need a kick in the ass.

I am just not in the mood for any of it today. Not the waking up early from unfamiliar noise then not able to fall back asleep, not the yoga practice I’m going to do later, not being at my desk at 8am sharp, not the relationship drama that is going to happen later today and certainly not the day I am going to have tomorrow, since I am still barely able to leave the house and I will be gone all day for work on a fairly intense job.

And while it’s possible for me to take it easy today in preparation for the likely stress of tomorrow, I’ve decided I am just going to do this thing, come what may. Things need to get done, I need to do them, and I don’t want it all hanging over me.

Bootstraps it is. I’ll let you know how that goes…


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