If You Were A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

There is a lot of “just believe it and it will happen so believe great things!” and “you manifest your thoughts so focus on success!”, etc. going on out there in the wide world.

I think that has limitations.

If you live with PTSD, you might understand me when I say it doesn’t quite work like that for some of us.

If it did though, and if by thinking about what you would do if you weren’t afraid, and if you didn’t have debilitating anxiety, and if you felt like you could make the effort and do the work and lean into the dream of living a life that you find fulfilling, what would that look like?

And if you knew what it looked like, could you take small steps toward it?

And if you could take the small steps, would you gain the strength and balance to take bigger steps?

Sometimes the dream, the vision and the desire for better are all we have. But please don’t underestimate the value of that dream, that vision and that desire. Wherever you are in your experience, you are worth it, so if you have one, acknowledge it and hold onto it. If you don’t, let yourself put some energy toward it. It’s worth it.

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