You Have Time to Ground Yourself

I get overwhelmed somewhat easily.

When I do, it’s hard to un-overwhelm myself. I know there are a lot of techniques to do it, but it’s still hard to calm the waves of anxiety.

I practiced yoga every day for a month, and so far this month have done it once, and just a quick video to work on my hands and wrists. I sat in my desk chair and checked my watch every couple of minutes.

What I learned from that month is how important it is for my well being to do yoga every day.

Now that I’m not, I want to go back to that daily practice. It feels like all hell has broken loose since I stopped, and it has, but I also cope with stress and anxiety better with a daily yoga practice.

That said, I’ve been going nonstop since last Friday when I almost passed out while driving, and I’m fraying at the edges. I’ve had a lot of personal drama, and I’m pushing really hard at work because opportunities are starting to open up and I’m pushing the doors the rest of the way open. I need to slow down, but I still have a packed schedule tomorrow that I don’t want to skip out on. It’s an exciting and energizing day, if taxing for me.

I stood still for a few moments, barefoot and still, rooted to the ground and acknowledging that I’m exhausted and overwhelmed and need to slow down.

Just that small reflection and actively feeling my feet fully touching the ground (cold tile) improved how I felt.

I was really doubtful that any mental or physical practice could help my experience with PTSD, but they do – when I’m practicing them consistently. And I’m noticing now that I’m not. Good to know I need to do more work on making myself a priority.

4 thoughts on “You Have Time to Ground Yourself

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