Coping with Heartbreak When You No Longer Numb

Yeah, I have no idea. Now taking suggestions.

Because the world doesn’t stop to give me time to grieve, it keeps calling and emailing and pushing and demanding.

The pressure to perform and pay bills and get my life together just as it’s breaking apart doesn’t stop just because I desperately need to.

The need to drink and work and shut it all out and binge tv doesn’t stop, I’ve just stopped doing those things.

The harassment and messages from guys you thought were friends doesn’t stop. In my experience, that shit hits like a flood when you’re at your lowest and loneliness. But it’s numbing too, and I don’t tolerate it anymore.

Putting your energy into others still means the energy isn’t going to you.

So I just accept the heartbreak and the tears and the grief and sit with them like uncomfortable acquaintances until they are ready to move on and I am ready to stand up and put my face forward again.

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