A Text Conversation

I can get really absorbed with my needs, especially on days when I have a lot going on and have severe PTSD symptoms. But as I want to have a really good partner, I am also looking to be a really good partner, and sometimes that means it’s not the day to be all about me.

D: Service didn’t come back till I got here, now I’m unpacked but need a shower. I didn’t need to say anything else but will call after shower if you want.

Me: Ok

D: Do you want?

Me: Only if you want to hear about my driving issues.

D: I do want to be there for you if it’s a showing up/supporting thing, sure.

Me: My weight is down to November level, which is good. I can’t seem to deal with driving fast, that’s not good. I may have negotiated an important win for client, that’s maybe good. Now you know the highlights. If you’re tired and done for the day I can accept that.

D: I think I am.

Me: Ok. Goodnight

D: I just hit the pillow and already almost asleep without the shower. Goodnight

And I really can accept that, I didn’t say it to pretend or to make someone else more comfortable, I checked in with myself first, and I really just want to shower and go to bed and try again tomorrow.

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