Back To Therapy for EMDR

In the last week my PTSD symptoms that I had only experienced while driving have begun to rapidly become more severe and pervasive, so I reached out to my therapist.

Thankfully she had an appointment open, and we’ll start the EMDR process next week. I’m so grateful! I’ve done this once before, when I was first diagnosed, and it was really successful. Now that I’ve had another driving incident (I almost passed out while driving several weeks ago), I’m experiencing a lot of the symptoms I had before, and they’re spreading out form just driving.

If you aren’t familiar with EMDR, you can read an explanation here. Also, Ashley gave a quick explanation it in a blog post.

I’ll be in this process for a couple of weeks at least, and I’m really excited that I have a process available to me to help manage my symptoms!

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5 thoughts on “Back To Therapy for EMDR

    1. Of course! I really appreciate the way you provide information on mental health issues and treatments! I was really encouraged to hear my therapist say that EMDR should be a successful approach, I’ll know in two weeks how that’s going. Really though, just having a plan and a treatment process available to me is relieving anxiety.

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