Capable in the Face of the Latest Storm

This week is insane.My boyfriend is having a meltdown about moving and about his family.My grandma is having a meltdown about moving to a nursing home. She doesn’t do unknown well at all and can’t figure out how she’s going to eat.My family is emotional about grandma moving to a nursing home and she’s decided to go ahead and distribute her belongings, which is… causing some less than desirable behavior in some corners.I packed my grandma’s burial items today at her direction. I’m helping boyfriend move. I’m helping grandma move and I’m in charge of her belongings (so in the middle of the inheritance unpleasantness). I’m in the middle of EMDR. Work is bananas with a lot of fast moving parts and I’m speaking at two hearings this week.And I’m the calm one, the one supporting everyone else, the one who is steady in the swirling chaos.I feel the most capable I have in a long time, and it’s a rapid change from discovering in therapy that my limiting belief is that I’m not capable.I can’t say it enough, practicing your mental game and taking the endless small steps is crucial. I had no idea I could do this.

4 thoughts on “Capable in the Face of the Latest Storm

  1. That is seriously a lot going on at once. Good for you for being able to handle that.
    Also, I haven’t been on WordPress much recently, and I didn’t know you were doing EMDR, but congrats on that! I can imagine it might be tough at times, but hopefully it will make things better, too.

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    1. I’ve had so much going on that we haven’t been able to do the eye movement yet, hopefully soon as I’m still having problems driving. Handling it the best I can, haven’t been on for a bit since I’ve had a lot needing to be done.

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