Testing Out “For Better or For Worse”

I’ve never been married. The closest I got ended in a relationship nuclear explosion, so my prior experience with long-term was not a great one. Worse definitely went worst.

In the relationship I’m in now we have definitely been testing out “for worse” in our circumstances. Me having PTSD, him rebuilding his life after loss, both of us committing to growing and bettering as individuals and facing our pasts and decades of bad messages…it’s been a lot of worse.

There hasn’t been a lot of “better” by comparison, except that we are getting so much better at communicating and resolving conflict. We are becoming more kind and compassionate and better at listening and acknowledging each other. We are better at taking responsibility for what we say and do and owning our stories. We are better at making room for each other. We are better at understanding that change takes time and practice and communication and trying again.

Worse requires a lot of love. So does better.

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