Seasonal Habit Change

I had forgotten until yesterday that about this time of year I used to do something a bit drastic or challenging for about a month, just to shake things up, try something new or put focus into something I wanted to accomplish.

On year I lost 20 lbs (yes, in one month), one year I switched to a vegan diet, things like that. Last year I had moved in with my grandma because she had fallen and was no longer able to care for herself. The year before that my brother was in a horrific work accident and I was very involved in his care and recovery. The year before that I finished two masters degrees. The two years before that I was finishing spring semesters of said masters degrees.

I have gotten out of the habit of acknowledging changing seasons with challenging myself, with engaging in behavioral change intended to explore and learn and better myself. Now that I’m managing better, I’m curious about getting back to this practice, about seeing what I could do that would benefit me and kick me out of some habits that I am not finding to be fulfilling.

I’m puttering to a stop at the end of a long month with little if any rest, so maybe the first habit change is taking some time for myself before I launch into another battle.

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