I Hate Being Uncomfortable

Which is pretty much my day-to-day with PTSD.

However, there are versions of uncomfortable that are more and less tolerable for me. One of the least tolerable is…wait for it…yoga.

Yoga puts me into a lot of uncomfortable positions that my body does not want to do. And it makes me uncomfortable. And often angry. I tend to check my watch a lot to see just how much longer is this video??? which is kind of not the goal.

Last week I made it through three yoga practices, and did not look at my watch during any of them.

I don’t often do particularly long yoga practices, I think most of them are less than 20 minutes. But those 20 minutes can be HARD, and I am rarely “in a good head space” for them. Recently I am not sure how often I have been in a good head space at all…

Anyway, those three practices without checking the time were an important step forward, and I’m hoping they help me develop a little more calm and tolerance for being uncomfortable, since it looks like that is my norm for this phase of recovery, at least.

woman exercising bear body of water
Photo by Nathan Cowley on Pexels.com

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