Try Not to Fill in the Blank Before You Have the Answer

I don’t do uncertainty well. My brain likes to fill in the blank when I don’t know something.

Unfortunately, to fill in the blank it goes searching through all of the files that are negative and finds any number of negative files to use. It doesn’t go looking for positive things with which to fill in the blank.

You can see how this could be problematic. Anxiety is not kind.

I’ve know this for quite some time, but the last few days have been the first time that I’ve had a bit of a crisis (for me) situation and, while I wanted to let my brain fill in the many blanks with negative, I accepted that I didn’t know and needed more information first. Until then, I just didn’t know and couldn’t make a decision.

Doing that had way better outcomes than if I had let my brain fill in the blank, and while I still don’t have enough to make a decision, I am in a situation with compassion, kindness and understanding rather than hurt and brokenness.

Keep practicing. You can do it.


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