Small Steps Toward Taking Good Care of Myself

I had a hard day.

Before 8am I had already dealt with driving triggers, betrayal, and heartbreak. I spent 12 hours on the road. There were no easy solutions for the project I’m working on and the best answer might be to give up and go with another option. Sometimes the best answer is to walk away.

With all of that, and as sometimes happens, I have a lot of body pain now that my work day is over. Joint pain, connective tissue pain – it comes and goes, and varies from a dull ache to a roar. It’s about halfway between right now. I haven’t found a quick cure for it yet, and I tend to let it hurt rather than take pain meds. It’ll probably be gone tomorrow.

For a long time, if I’ve had a hard day my response has been to not exercise, to not put down work, to not rest and take a break from it, but to go to bed or numb out to tv or binge eat snacks or something not healthy. It’s been to be wired from the stress and start mentally spinning on whatever didn’t get resolved.

I did something different today.

I dropped work when I walked in the door, ate a healthy dinner and did a challenging yoga practice that asked a lot of my stiff and sore joints. I don’t feel much better, except that I did something mentally and physically hard at the end of a hard day, and I didn’t engage in my usual numbing behavior. I took good care of myself, which is a really important achievement for me. I’m worth it, and so are you.

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