Accepting Yourself As You Are Right Now Is The Start of Getting Where You Want To Be

Self-acceptance is a pretty radical notion for a lot of us, especially those of us who have experienced trauma, who have experienced shame from family and friends and even strangers and who have had a hard time figuring out where we fit in the world.

I did not come from a family in which self-acceptance was an accepted message. I had to start learning it after I was diagnosed with PTSD, and it was a paradigm shift for me, as I had bought into the belief that I was never enough.

Believing that you aren’t enough doesn’t make you better, it eats you alive.

You are enough. Right now. Just as you are. And it is so very important to practice accepting that.

I did not start to heal until I did, because if I couldn’t accept where I was, if I couldn’t take an honest look at myself and make peace with me, there was no way for me to make the kind of changes I’ve had to make to live a healthy and fulfilling life the best I can.

Accepting yourself and where you are doesn’t mean you can’t have goals and dreams and things you want to change about yourself or your circumstances. Rather it gives you the gift of pausing to take a breath – for however long that pause needs to be – before you make your next move.

Acceptance is not a small thing. It’s not an unimportant thing. It is huge and hugely important. And you are worth accepting, right now, just as you are.

It took me some time, and it took a lot of practice, but even as I progress through healing and finding a new path with PTSD playing a significant role in that path, I still have to be able to constantly accept myself where I am right now. You can’t wait until you get there, until you arrive at your highest and best version to accept yourself as you are, because even then it won’t be enough. You can’t wait to practice until you arrive, because you won’t have gained all of the beautiful perspective that comes from practicing now, even if it feels like you can’t fall any further.

Practice accepting yourself now, with everything about you that is now. You are enough, just as you are, right now, no matter what path is in front of you.

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4 thoughts on “Accepting Yourself As You Are Right Now Is The Start of Getting Where You Want To Be

  1. Beautiful post and so true! 💗 Accepting yourself is so important. I still struggle with finding a job and it makes me feel like I’m not enough but I’m doing my best and that’s enough

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