Spoiled for Choice

In an unexpected turn of events, I’m being recruited for a corporate position. I’d be good at it, the money is good, I’d learn a lot, and it wouldn’t be very personally fulfilling. But I’d be able to finish paying off grad school loans shortly and it would offer a lot of stability.

Or I could keep doing what I’m doing now, taking on the challenging if not impossible projects I’m collecting now and helping people who don’t otherwise have access to the professional services I offer. It’s a lot of risk, and a lot of freedom.

Not totally sure what to do yet.

6 thoughts on “Spoiled for Choice

  1. Wow! Congratulations on the promotion!
    But… Yes, you do have quite a bit to think about, which is obvious or you wouldn’t have written about it. LOL!
    Pros vs. Cons list is what I normally do. But, in this case, I think you need to follow whatever it is that makes you the happiest.

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