It Takes Time to Change

One of the more challenging aspects of having PTSD for me has been how reactive I can be. When my brain fires up the neurons that connect to trauma, in all of the bizarre and difficult ways that can happen for me, it can take a lot to outwardly keep my cool. Sometimes I don’t. I’m getting better at it.

Something I’ve had to work on is giving things time and space to change, both in changes I’m making and changes other people are making.

I don’t think I’ve ever been accused of being patient, but managing PTSD symptoms while working through changing behaviors and patterns and beliefs is just hard. Sticking with it is hard. Noticing how I feel is hard. Stopping my limiting beliefs, past thought patterns and forecasting disaster is hard. Really hard. Acceptance is hard. Change is hard.

But worth it, and possible if you keep working at it.

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