I Kind of Sucked This Week

I’m saying this kindly, but I sucked. Not my week sucked, although by extension that is also true, but I sucked.

Work is still going well, I’ve pushed out some big documents this week and clients are happy and I’m still working on the stuff I haven’t been able to get to for the last several months.

Personally though…wow.

I think the best illustration is yoga. I have barely been able to hold a downward dog this week, and I don’t think I’ve even attempted a plank. I’ve done the video sessions (thanks, internet, for making it possible for me to practice at home!), but only halfway, if that. I just don’t have the strength or energy to do more, and I was risking landing on my face. My best posture was laying on the floor – I excelled at that!

I’ve spent the better part of today reading articles and listening to podcasts (while being judgy about the voices and speech mannerisms because I want to hear the content but the voices are annoying) because I don’t have the capacity to do much else, and I’m hoping I get ambitious enough to do some house cleaning here shortly.

But I might not. Cause I kinda suck this week. And I’m just gonna roll with it and lay on the floor while the peppy, sincere human in the yoga video does some floor acrobatics.

woman standing on pink yoga mat meditating
Photo by Burst on Pexels.com

I absolutely cannot do this pose – either part of it – but I do have some leggings kind of like that! #Snazzygoals

4 thoughts on “I Kind of Sucked This Week

    1. Gracias! I think I will just accept that this week was not an expected and make peace with it. I learned something, tomorrow can be different and I am still doing my best ❤ I will tell you though today the yoga video in the sequence I am watching was yoga from a chair, and it was perfect because I could just sit and use arm movement and breathing!

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