Your Body Will Tell You When To Rest

Rest is a new concept for me, and one I am working on more often these days. I’ve found that not only does my body tell me when I need to rest, it will knock me down if I don’t. I fell sound asleep at 8:30 last night and didn’t wake up until 9 this morning. Although I was awake (sort of) about three times before that starting at 5:30am, I could not actually get awake. Every time I would try I would fall right back asleep until I had rested enough. That doesn’t happen to me often, but it does happen when I have hit the end of my tolerance for stress. And I was there.

I knew that because I had been having auditory hallucinations.

I “hear things” when I am either exhausted (genuinely exhausted, not just tired) or overly stressed, and when I am both I experience Exploding Head Syndrome, which is a more intense form of auditory hallucination. The noises I hear vary, but are usually some form of phone notification sound or door knocking. I know they’re not real because they are not as clear as if the sound were real, and there are either no other phones around or no one has come to the door. With the exploding head noises they are usually loud bangs or loud knocks, and always when I’m asleep. It’s a really disruptive experience.

My body let me know I needed to rest, and when I didn’t it didn’t give me a choice. Thankfully that was ok today, and it’s a good reminder to pay attention!

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