Working Back Up

I fall down a lot.

Not literally, I wouldn’t describe myself as a clumsy person, but I mentally and emotionally fall down a lot.

Sometimes big falls, sometimes small, but a lot, and frequently. Sometimes I straight up bust my ass.

And I get back up.

Every. Single. Time.

If I fell down this much physically, I would be really concerned. And very bruised. And might have a broken or fractured bone or two. If I fell down this much literally a lot of people would have noticed, and I’d have to take more cautions about how I move around. Or would I? Would I be more cautious, or would I keep going for it, trusting that I would eventually get better at moving around and would eventually quit falling down so much?

Sometimes I get back up only to fall down again right after. It’s usually surprising and unexpected and unpleasant. After all, I just worked to get back on my feet, so to speak. But just as I would keep getting up if I fell down physically, because otherwise I’d just be laying on the ground, I get back up mentally and emotionally. And sometimes I lay here a minute and hurt before I breather out and work my way back up on my feet.

adult art body chairs
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