Balancing Doing and Learning

I spent the weekend doing. I showed up, I said yes, I learned a lot, but I focused on doing.

I’ve lost about 15 or so pounds since this time last year, most of which has happened so far this year. I’ve not been paying that much attention to what I eat or how I exercise over the last couple of weeks, choosing instead to work at being able to get out and do things, network, get some big work projects sorted out and make needed changes to myself. I can only do so much at once, and that usually looks like less at once than I used to.

Yoga is still my go-to exercise, much as I don’t have a lot of flexibility (tensing my body for impact for the last several years has reduced that) and don’t quite have the proportions that would make yoga easier (I need my arms to be about an inch to an inch and a half longer). It has helped me a lot, so I do it, even when I don’t want to.

Not all yoga works for all people. It’s like therapists, sometimes the teacher is not a good fit.

I was watching the first video in Yoga with Adriene’s July playlist and working along with it, and very shortly nothing was lining up. I like her videos a lot, but I did not like this one. It’s an unusual for her voice over, and I quickly felt like I wasn’t keeping up because her cues seemed just behind her movements, and it just wasn’t…quite what worked for me.

In the past I would have been pissed and quit. Instead I quit trying to keep up, sat down in front of my laptop and watched the video, paying careful attention to her movements.

If I can’t do it, and I really found myself not very well able to do this (today I’m recovering from all of my “saying yes” this weekend!), then I can at least stay engaged and learn. I wasn’t comfortable moving along to the cues, but I was comfortable watching and learning, and it was a nice change as I rarely watch the video I’m going along with, and rather listen and only look when I don’t know what is going on.

It helped me too to be able to see where I’m having difficulty getting into some of the positions, and realizing some of it is differences in body proportions and some of it is flexibility, some of it is strength and some of it is little changes in how I’ve been doing the positions. Some of those things I can work on and do something about, some I can’t, but now I know, and instead of quitting I took the opportunity to learn something that I can apply next time I am on the “doing” side of things.

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