PTSD Is Like…

Sometimes, PTSD is like emotionally getting thrown down the stairs out of nowhere, and you crash at the bottom, bleeding and broken and wondering what on earth just happened to you and how could it happen so fast and so brutally?

When you are finally able to get yourself up, which you have to do by yourself most of the time, you realize that people you know and even people close to you are walking by, oblivious to the terror and pain you’ve experienced. Someone might wonder how you got the bruises, but that’s about it. And it’s on you to process through what knocked you down the stairs and why, which can take hours or days or months, depending on how much help you’ve had and where you are in the process.

Sorry I’m late, I just got tossed down a staircase and had to pick myself back up, dress my wounds and clean myself up, and I didn’t have anyone to help me.

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