Cultivating Strength

Well my blog is still intact, so either I have until midnight before the formatting all disintegrates or I’m somehow good to go.

The past couple of days have been a roller coaster. I have some really positive work potential, have been really successful at networking and connecting to new colleagues, some ideas I’ve been rolling around are gaining traction, and I haven’t been late to anything.

The other side of that is I’m behind on a presentation and a small project I’m working through is not forming up the way I thought it would, and rather than a much-needed weekend with my laptop closed, despite my long hours this week, I’ll be catching up before Monday, when two of the 11 appointments, meetings and presentations I have scheduled for the week start.

That is a lot for me, and I also need to have a plan together to manage how much I’ll be out and about. “On”, if you will.

And personal problems still abound. Yay.

Fittingly enough, yoga today centered around the intention of breathing through discomfort. I want to roll my eyes and dismiss breathing as insufficient to handle all the discomfort I’m experiencing right now (read my last blog post), but there is only one way I am going to get better at handling all of this, and that’s to practice. If I want to be strong, I have to cultivate strength. And, as sometimes happens, yoga agreed and reminded me thusly.

I stuck with it today, and I slowed down through the parts that I usually don’t want to slow down through because they’re really hard and I don’t quite have the strength to hold my weight like that yet. Well, I do, it’s just hard, and I do so many things that are hard throughout the day that I’m less inclined to do them in yoga. Or at least that’s what I tell myself. I decided to do the hard work today, and today had already been hard.

woman in black crop top sitting and drinking water
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3 thoughts on “Cultivating Strength

    1. I survived them all at least? I think they all went pretty well, I’m just too tired from the effort right now to really know. Supposed to hear back on a couple of interviews this week, and in the meantime I am trying to keep all of the plates spinning per usual. Glad I found your blog too, our affirmations have really helped me and how I think throughout the day!

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