End of Month Sigh

I made it through August.

There was a hint of fall in the air this afternoon, despite the nearly 100-degree heat. It wasn’t a chill, more a sense that change is coming.

I badly need it.

After a month of showing up, working hard and late, driving around, interviewing, networking, agreeing to talk, agreeing to not talk, counting dollars carefully, being cheerful when I wasn’t, taking rejection, taking direction, providing fast turn-arounds, making clients wait, not losing any weight and taking it all in…

I’m so tired.

I’m very close to a job offer that I would be glad to take.

I’m also very close to getting more work.

I am walking really difficult lines all day, every day, and have been all month.

Sure it’s the long weekend, whatever that means. Sure I have a lot to be grateful for. Sure I am. But I am also about to let out a long sigh and see if I can drag myself to my yoga mat, and hopefully find some sense of center so I can live this weekend instead of crumble and hide.

neon signage
Photo by Ivan Bertolazzi on Pexels.com

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