Just When I Thought I Was Getting Somewhere…

Appropriate for a Monday, my car needs $3,000 worth of work before it will be safe to drive, because my ABS system is kaput. That was not in the budget, or on the schedule.

Like, why?

I’ve written quite a bit about the challenges I’ve faced, particularly in the last two months, and how hard I’ve had to work to dig myself out, including getting an entirely new job. I spent the weekend, while in bed sick and barely able to get up, figuring out finances for the next couple of months and budgeting and breathing a sign of relief because I thought that I was finally, finally getting to a place I’ve worked so hard for, where everything starts aligning a bit and I can afford to do the things that I really want to do (primarily professionally), and I was EXCITED about this.

After a good part of the day in the shop, with a known brake problem with unknown extent, the extent was great, and so is the repair price tag. I might as well make a down payment on another car…which is what I might be doing tomorrow?

My car is barely worth double the repair cost, so it seems a bit foolish to sink that much money into something that I might only be able to drive for two more years, with more repairs on the way because of the age and mileage. I’ll find out more tomorrow, but trading it in for a down payment on a somewhat newer model seems like the smarter bet.

Once again, this is an unresolved major issue, and I hate things that are not resolved, even if it’s less than a day. I will have to re-work the math and the budgets and the timing and…damn. There goes the nice hotel room for the conference, and the nicer restaurants. I don’t splurge at all when I travel for work, and I thought that I would finally be able to. Nope.

But I do get a new (to me) or improved car, and because of the changes I’ve made, it’s ok. It won’t bankrupt me, it’ll just reduce other things, but it’s manageable. My schedule can accommodate the car issue this week, I have a vehicle on loan from a very generous friend until I get my situation sorted out and another friend has been helping me out with what I need to know as I consider a car purchase, including help with calculating ahead of time what I can afford and what I need for a new car to work for me versus fixing what I have.

If this had happened a couple of months ago, it would have taken me down. Not even kidding, I would not have been able to emotionally or financially handle it. I did cry a bit today at first because I was so overwhelmed with being suddenly shoved into a process I didn’t feel prepared to handle. But I sought help from trusted friends, got the help I asked for and more and tomorrow I am gonna figure this out, just like I’ve figured out all of the other things that have been thrown at me.

lazy eye convertible coupe
Photo by Tnarg on Pexels.com

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