Find The Reset Button

Healing can take a long time. It is taking me a long time.

I still get blitzed by my brain. I did today. It doesn’t make sense to have a violent reaction (my experience was violent, I did not act out) to normal words, but that still happens to me. Sometimes it’s like being dropped into a hurricane, sometimes it’s like being the Hulk, not times is it ever ok, and usually I end up falling asleep because the experience is so exhausting.

I still am not managing my health very well, and my weight and blood pressure and resting heart rate and stress are all too high for good health. My Fitbit is now telling me I’m in poor health, and I’m having to combat that with reminding myself that I am experiencing a temporary spike that I have not yet figured out how to calm, not that I am in an irreparable state.

I have reduced my obligations to my job and social activities I find enjoyable, but since I am about to start working on building strength for a high elevation hike in a few months, that will start taking up a lot of my time outside of work, and that’s ok.

I’m doing really well at work. I am so grateful for that, because it makes a lot of things easier to deal when I can see myself able to consistently achieve success and positive outcomes in one area.

I attended a TEDx Conference, and a woman spoke who had also been in a car wreck, which had dragged up all of the trauma she had ever experienced. She looked fabulous and glam and cool as hell, and it was nice to know my experience is more common than I thought, and also that you can have this experience and still sometimes be cool as hell while you are also being honest and vulnerable.

I did yoga every day in January. I’ve barely done it THIS month, but that was a big accomplishment for me since exercise continues to be a challenge (hence the decline in health metrics).

I made a really tough call about something with unknown consequences, and I did not look back. It was really uncomfortable, and also really good to hold boundaries the way that I did.

Here’s to more healing.

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3 thoughts on “Find The Reset Button

  1. I’ve missed you on here! I was worried about you 😢 I thought a lot about how you are doing. I’m happy you are back and your work is going well. Your health will be good too. I’m having a stomach flu now. I know for sure we can all be that cool women. We all have it in us. The trauma won’t win. Also, I have been doing some yoga with adrienne and love it. Did you do her challenge? 💖 Lots of love xxxx

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    1. Awww I’ve thought about you too! I’ve just had so much going on that blogging kind of slipped to the side. Sorry you’re sick! And yes, I did the January challenge and was able to do all of it! But this month I haven’t really done yoga at all…oops!

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