In my first semester of graduate school, my car hydroplaned on an interstate, and I survived a catastrophic wreck. I pinballed between a concrete wall and a semi truck until my car turned enough in the high-speed smashing for my hood to go under the trailer tires. My engine was blown all over the road, I skidded to a stop on bent tires and broken axles, and I stepped out of the car on my own once some kind witnesses to the accident were able to jerk my dented door open. I was already on the phone with 911. I was checked out by a physician and everyone proclaimed my survival a miracle. I had a few bruises and mild whiplash, and I was in a rental car first thing the next morning so that I could be on time to law class. I did not miss a class and I did not miss a day of work. I also didn’t stop for a second, until I didn’t have a choice anymore.

Two years later I was diagnosed with PTSD.

Six years later I’ve graduated with two masters degrees, started my own company with a business partner, fired my business partner, gone through three family crises, stepped away from therapy after three years, gotten really curious about how to heal, stepped away from my company for a time to work in a supportive environment in which I can continue to learn, experienced severe trauma anniversary symptoms that have worsened with time and finally found myself ready to make a go at finding a way to live the way I want, work the way I want, and live with PTSD the way I want. I hope my experience helps you.