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Detour, Again

After I just talked about going for it, I got in a car to ride to a wedding and had some of the worst re-experiencing I’ve had in a long time. It sent me on a day-long downward spiral, and between the panic last night and the anxiety today, it’s been a rough 24 hours.…

3 Year Anniversary!

Though all the hell of PTSD and family crisis, my company turned 3 today! #grateful It’s hard, it’s hell, but sometimes it’s possible. companyentrepreneur with PTSDfamily crisisliving with PTSDpossiblePTSDPTSD blogPTSD bloggerworking with PTSD

Work Break

When you’re working through the weekend and not drinking… not drinkingplaying catch upso tiredsparkling waterwaterwork breakworking through the weekendworking with PTSD

Small Steps Toward Health & Balance

I got really overwhelmed by work yesterday and today. Work stress has me reaching for some of my least healthy ways to cope, and I have a long history of working late and ignoring what is healthy for me. Life/work balance? I don’t even begin to know what that means. But at 5:00, in the…

God, Monday.

I feel like I’m stuck in an impossible situation. I have a long day ahead of me work-wise, I have a longer weekend behind me personal-wise, my HRV monitor isn’t working and might need a new battery so I have no idea where I might be stress-tolerance-wise, and I have to drive for several hours,…