Reading List

I’ve been an avid reader since I was little, and was burning through classics before I was 10. The car wreck was in the middle of my first semester of graduate school, when I was rarely reading for pleasure but reading hundreds of pages a week at times for class. After graduate school I didn’t have much interest in reading, and it wasn’t until my life began to stabilize after a few family crises that I began to want to read again – this time for my own recovery. I still have a hard time sitting still and focusing on a page for very long, but I found that I could listen to books much more easily, so I got curious, got an Audible membership and started to listen to books that are helping me heal. Here they are, in the order I’ve listened to them (Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, which means I may get a commission at no cost to you if you use the link to buy a book):

This is a list I update as I go, and I’ll add in descriptions and how I think I’ve benefitted from each book/recording as I have the space to reflect on it. Listening to Healing from Trauma first was helpful because it was written by a woman who is a trauma survivor, so she is careful with her language and uses trigger warnings. By far the most helpful book I’ve listened to so far in terms of understanding PTSD and what might be the most successful way for me to manage it and continue to heal was The Body Keeps the Score. It’s much more clinical and academic, which might not be a good fit for all, but I enjoy hearing about and understanding research and process and results of study, so I connected to the information and how it was written. Sometimes it was hard to listen to, and there are no trigger warnings, so if you have a hard time with verbal accounts of trauma and trauma survivors, maybe prepare for it to be a challenging experience and/or take your time and listen in little bits at a time.