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Traveling for Work with PTSD

Being an entrepreneur with PTSD has its ongoing challenges, not the least of which is my work requiring me to travel at least once a quarter, and often more. The day trips are not as bad, even if I’m on the road for 12-15 hours, because at the end of the day I am coming…

3 Year Anniversary!

Though all the hell of PTSD and family crisis, my company turned 3 today! #grateful It’s hard, it’s hell, but sometimes it’s possible. companyentrepreneur with PTSDfamily crisisliving with PTSDpossiblePTSDPTSD blogPTSD bloggerworking with PTSD

1% Better Requires a New Yoga Mat

My 1% is a little longer than a week this time, but includes a few elements. Every day I’m checking my HRV when I wake up, doing a guided meditation, practicing yoga (and I mean practice cause I’m not very good at it) and I’m working at least 45 hours a week. Whew! This is…