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Just Meet the Need

Atlas needed water, and asked for water, and died of thirst while you explained water to her. Atlasbe kindgetting your needs met with PTSDhow to survive traumajust meet the needliving with PTSDmanaging PTSDmanaging PTSD successfullymanaging PTSD symptomsPTSDPTSD and griefPTSD and relationshipsPTSD and stressPTSD blogPTSD bloggerPTSD depressionPTSD symptomsquote of the dayweight of the worldworking with PTSD

Please Stop the Bleeding

I’m using some graphic language to describe my emotional experience, so if that is not a good place for you, much love for what you’ve experienced and please skip this post. I’m crushing under the weight of things right now. My own stuff with work and relationships being so hard and unresolved right now, mass…

Auditory Hallucinations with PTSD

I’ve experienced exploding head syndrome for several years – maybe about a decade now? When I’m under a lot of stress, I can “hear” loud sounds when I’m asleep, usually shortly after I’m asleep, that wake me up with a start and a bit of panic. There wasn’t actually a noise, it was a fabrication…

Lessons From The Tyrant

My friend and I refer to our Fitbits as the Tiny Tyrants. However, Fitbit says it’s time to rest and recharge, and I think I’ll take that advice. living with PTSDmanaging PTSDmanaging PTSD successfullymanaging PTSD symptomsPTSDPTSD blogPTSD bloggerPTSD needs rest